Christine Poirier

Stoic Student


Virtue: Prudence

Vice: Pride

Covenant: Unaligned

Health 7

Willpower 6

Vitae 10

Humanity 7

Size 5

Speed 9

Defense 3

Armor 0

Initiative 6


Mental: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 3

Physical: Strength 1, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2

Social: Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 3


Mental: Academics (medical research) 3, Computer 2, Investigation 2, Medicine 1, Occult 1, Science 2

Physical: Drive 1, Larceny 1, Stealth 1, Weaponry (butterfly knives) 1

Social: Intimidation 1, Persuasion 2, Socialize 1, Streetwise (U of M) 2, Subterfuge 1

Disciplines: Auspex 1, Obfuscate 1, Dominate 1

Merits: Common Sense, Eidetic Memory, Haven Size 1, Language (Latin) 1

Special: She’s Evan Johansen’s childe.


In the end, Christine chalked it up to trying too hard.

She had always been a type A personality, from the time she was very young. She grew up with her parents in Ecorse, Michigan, and she knew early on that the life they lead wasn’t for her. The three of them lived in a small apartment, struggling to get by as best they could. She realized that her performance in school could affect how she lived as an adult, and starting from her sixth grade year, she tried her hardest in all of her classes.

In high school, she did even better – while still keeping her grades as spotless as they could be, she found a part-time job that she could get to and from easily. With the little bit of money she made, she tried to help her family by doing some of the shopping and fixing up of the apartment. By her senior year, she had also started exercising and eating better, and her grade point average stood at a perfect 4.0.

The only college she’d ever set sights on was the University of Michigan, so when she got their acceptance letter (and a hefty financial aid package) in April, the only thing she could do was choose to go. It had been her dream to go to the school, ever since she’d looked at her major – pre-med – and the campus around her. She knew it would be the polar opposite of the cramped apartment and dirty town she lived in. She could be at the center of the action, and she could make a name for herself. In August, she packed up and moved to Ann Arbor.

She hadn’t realized, however, that her desperation to make connections would bring her to such an end…


Drives a ‘94 Chevy Lumina, blue, high mileage, named Diane.

Christine Poirier

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